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About Us

Through organising events both locally and potentially nationally we plan to raise funds which will then be distributed based on decisions made by the trustees.

We have big plans for the trust but mainly our goal is to ensure that money is not wasted on admin costs and other unnecessary items. 

Founder John Robinson set up the foundation initially as a wedding gift to his wife, Liz.

At the time (2012) John had been running a local successful business for 5 years and receiving almost daily requests for donations to charities it was decided that maybe running their own would be a good option. After seeing so many charities spend money in different ways it was established very early on that The Tyas Foundation would not be going down this route and all unnecessary costs will be avoided.

The emphasis is on ensuring that the money donated or raised goes to the right people who will use it for the purposes for which it was donated or raised.

We hope that you will support us and can see that the reason we are taking on this responsibility is simply that we want to make a difference and feel this is the best way we can help others.